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Tap water can be very harmful for the health due to the many heavy metals that it contains.

You can purify the tap water completely naturally and make it safe. For this purpose you can use cilantro. Instead of using water filters for purifying the tap water you can go the natural way which is always the best.

The non-purified tap water contains a lot of harmful elements like fluoride, chlorine, high amounts of minerals and metals like manganese, sodium, copper, calcium, chlorides, magnesium, sulfates, aluminum, herbicides, nitrates, insecticides and iron.

Besides all of these harmful elements the tap water also can contain traces of some pharmaceutical drugs like mood stabilizers and antibiotics. These test results show clearly that the tap water can damage your health.

If the heavy metals get accumulated in the body and the body cannot flush them out it can lead to some very serious health problems. Heavy metals accumulations in the body can cause Alzheimer`s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Purifying the water with cilantro is very effective. When the toxins in the water get in contact with the cilantro, the chemicals bind to it and they get extracted from the water.

The effects of the cilantro as a natural water purifier have been studied by Douglas Schauer from the Ivy Tech Community College in Lafayette.

According to Schauer we can get rid of the organic toxins very easy with different methods but eliminating the heavy metals can really be done with filtering agents such as activated charcoal. The only problem is that these filtering agents are very expensive and not everybody can afford them.

Cilantro is a very cheap and affordable way to purify the water and everybody can do it because it`s very easy and safe. Just put a handful of cilantro in 2 liters of water. This way you will be sure to drink safe and clean water.

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